Rainbow of Anthology

Anthony Swaby

Hard Cover

Barcode: 9781543492866

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Rainbow of Anthologies and Songs - Introduction • The content of the book is 40 poems that have been divided into the following categories, Advent, Christmas Community, Easter, Family, Lent, Thanksgiving and Vocation. Although the above sections have been covered it is my aim to present the book with the poems in alphabetical order rather than subject order however of course willing to have your professional advice. • The poems have been written from a Christian viewpoint with traditional principles as the foundation. Some have been used by myself an Anglican priest in various settings and each has a common musical tune that can be used. I have been advised by another established author that it is not legal to print tunes that have been written by another person who is still alive thus not used the tunes within the book for copyright reasons. It is my hope that the audience therefore will be a Christian group of people that wish to worship within the church or institution of their personal setting. • The poems have been written to bring comfort and support to any reader tor group. Although there is not a guarantee with the words that have been used, it is my hope that the editorial team will assist me to amend or erase my material as appropriate as this is my first attempt at a publication. • Although the words are able to be used in isolation and read as a poem. At the end of the book you will find a couple of pages with tunes that have been set for each poem. This will allow the reader to use the poetry a a song and perhaps embrace a wider group of people at the same time. Most of the tunes are well known and it is my hope that this may widen the target audience. • Please can you therefore let me know if the material that I enclosed is of a standard that is appropriate for a new publication at your earliest convenience?


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