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Steven Curtis Chapman returns with his new album re:creation.

The new album features 5 new songs from Steven including the first single ÔǣDo EverythingÔÇØ, and all-new recordings of his 8 biggest hits. The entire album has a progressive and fresh acoustic sound, which reflects the energy and life found in the songs.

The title speaks to the actual re:creation of these songs, which are re-imagined and re-recorded in a new musical space. More and most importantly though, the word re:creation speaks to the new life God is creating... re-creating... for Steven and his family as they walk forward in their lives.

ÔǣI wrote the song ÔǣDo EverythingÔÇØ really to remind myself and also to encourage others that everything matters; everything we do can be done as an act of worship,ÔÇØ says Steven. ÔǣI Corinthians 10 says, ÔǣWhatever you do, do it for the glory of God.ÔÇØ There's this tendency it seems to think of life with this line drawn down the middle where there's the spiritual stuff on one side and then just the stuff of life on the other. Really though, I think God wants us to remember, and I'm trying to learn, that whether it's walking the dog, washing the dishes, taking out the trash... to the really big spiritual moments, that all of that can be done as an act of worship and everything can be done to bring glory to the God who made us for that very purpose.ÔÇØ


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