Real Life, Real Miracles Paperback Book

James Garlow


Barcode: 9780764210747

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Is God Still Doing Miracles Today? Absolutely! These real-life, credible stories of miraculous experiences, gathered by the authors of Miracles Are for Real, reveal that God is still very active in the world. Each gripping story is sure to encourage and inspire, offering hope and a sense of wonder. ´?¢ When Steve rolled his car, he should have been killed. Why didn´?¢t he die that day? ´?¢ Caleb and Penny moved to a poor part of town to serve their community. But when one group of neighbours makes and sells drugs, will God´?¢s angels protect them? ´?¢ Bob´?¢s MS was getting progressively worse. Could God heal such a debilitating disease? Whether you´?¢ve experienced God´?¢s miracles or aren´?¢t sure if you believe in them, explore fascinating true stories like these and many more. You´?¢ll be in awe of God´?¢s power as you get a glimpse of how he personally cares for each of his children ´?¢ including you. 272 pages


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