Reforming Journalism

Marvin Olasky


Barcode: 9781629956671

Release date: 01/10/2019

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Is there such thing as 'Christian' journalism? What would that look like?

In this three-part work, editor-in-chief of World magazine Marvin Olasky (1) lays out foundational principles of journalism, explaining why and how journalism ought to be done, (2) addresses practical, nuts-and-bolts issues such as interviewing subjects, structuring news stories, and responding to complaints, and (3) closes with a historical overview of journalism in the United States.

Throughout the book, he points to the example of Christian journalists in China, who courageously continue a nearly three-thousand year history of news reporting in the face of government pressures. You will learn how to be a more discerning reader of news as well as a competent citizen reporter in your own community.


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