Rewired Paperback Book

Brandon Cox


Barcode: 9781621365198

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If God´?¢s desire to enlarge His family matters´?¢ If people who are lost forever without the gospel matter´?¢ If the church of the future matters´?¢ We must learn to embrace the changes that are happening in our world. There is no going back. Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are connected with people all over the planet through technology that didn´?¢t even exist ten years ago. This book challenges readers to push the boundaries of how they communicate the gospel ´?¢ to not just join the worldwide conversation but to lead it. This shift we are seeing toward a more mobile, social environment isn´?¢t so radical after all, but is a return to the form we were created for ´?¢ to be in relationships, to have conversations and to interact with each other. 224 pages


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