ROC Your World: Changing Communities For Good Paperback Book

Artist: Debra Green


Barcode: 9781908393401

Release date: 01/04/2014

£8.09 (was £8.99)

Have you ever longed to see the area where you live transformed, but haven't a clue how to make it happen?
Would you like to see relationships in your community change for the better?
Do you want to be a part of God's miracle in your neighbourhood and beyond?
Author Debra Green has 20 years experience in community transformation. In this book she shares her stories and the journeys of countless others to inspire readers that it is possible to make a difference.
Regardless of how unqualified we may feel; regardless of how small a contribution we feel we can make - God can take what we have and cause a 'miracle of multiplication' to occur.
This book isn't just full of good ideas - they actually work and have been proven by groups of believers up and down our nation. The principles contained within can transform communities - for good!
Even more than that, the unique Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) model has proven time again to be a catalytic factor in bringing churches in an area together in unity.
160 Pages