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Rooting Out Relationship Killers Paperback Book

Stephen Matthew


Barcode: 9781908393296

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Stephen Matthew contends that nurturing and maintaining our relationships is much like gardening. We need to root out the weeds that frequently grow up and threaten to stifle or even kill off previously healthy relationships; and we need to positively 'feed' those relationships with things that will enrich and enhance them. In this book he identifies the 'weeds' that are the most common relationship killers and tells us what 'feeds' will most effectively counteract them. This is an overwhelmingly life-affirming, positive book that aims to strengthen and enrich all our relationships, keeping them healthy and strong. It is both positive - it focuses on relationship building - and it is preventative - if we take the advice offered here, we can avoid the pain of major relationship dysfunction. This book will do you good. It will make you a better friend, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, team member, business partner, leader, manager or employee. As a result, your life will enrich those you relate to and do them good too. Everyone wins when we build relationships God's way. 144 pages


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