Same-Sex Parenting Research

Walter R. Schumm


Barcode: 9780995683280

Release date: 01/09/2018

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There is a widespread view that there is ‘no difference’ between the outcomes for the children of same-sex parents and those of opposite sex parents. Professor Schumm, a distinguished social scientist, has conducted the most comprehensive study of the research to-date, and in this book he shows that the conclusion is false. “In this extremely valuable and superbly researched volume everything you wanted to know about social science research and the issue of homosexual parenting can be found. Research on this topic is relatively new, for the simple reason that having numerous children being raised in same-sex households is relatively new. But for several decades now many have sought to claim that children fare just as well in homosexual households as in heterosexual households – maybe even better. Now a number of studies have appeared on this matter, and many of them take the line that kids are just fine when raised by two homosexuals or two lesbians. This is the ‘no difference’ hypothesis. Schumm, looks at this research in great detail and shows that much of it is incomplete, skewed, selective or politicised. The results show, at the very least, that the situation is much more complicated than many have allowed, or, at worst, that much of the way in which the research has been interpreted has been biased in favour of progressive values.” Bill Muehlenberg, Secretary of the Family Council of Victoria, Australia


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