Scandalous Saint Paperback Book

Artist: John Hagee


Release date: n/a

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-Where to next?- Jerry asked.
It was customary on each mission to drop Gospels into as many villages as their supply would allow. Before John Eils could reply to the question, both men were petrified by a sound every pilot dreads. The engine missed. The smooth rhythm all too quickly changed to rough sputtering.
Both men stared in silence at the complex instruments and controls. The altimeter was spinning like a roulette wheel. The message was simple: The ground was getting closer by the second-and so was death.
-Look for a place to land!- cried John. -We-re in trouble - real trouble!-
Scandalous Saint is the harrowing true story of missionary pilot John Eils, whose exploits in Mexico in the late 1950s read more like the script of a Hollywood movie.
In answering the call to spread the gospel throughout Mexico, John and his wife Josie faced trials, dangers and resistance from the moment they crossed the border. They were jailed and even falsely accused of both smuggling and using the church as a house of prostitution.
With faith and courage, they managed to escape one hair-raising scrape after another. Their story is a powerful reminder of how God-s grace and provision follow those who serve Him with all their hearts.
160 pages