Science and the Bible

David Instone-Brewer


Barcode: 9781683594031

Release Date: 23/09/2020

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Is the Bible fundamentally at odds with science?Science and the Bible are often pitted against each other, causing many to either defend science at Scripture's expense, or vice versa. Instead, what if we saw them as friends? Can Christians appreciate scientific insights like they do archaeological discoveriesùas a source of knowledge to illuminate the biblical world and our own?In Science and the Bible, David Instone-Brewer takes a refreshing and non-antagonistic approach, asking how science can aid our interpretation of the Bible. The result is stimulating on topics such as God's omnipresence, the origin of languages, the nature of eternity, the relationship of spirit and soul, the reality of resurrection, and Jesus' human experience.In short, readable chapters, Science and the Bible enables the curious layperson to reread the Bible with fresh perspectives from modern scientific insights.


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