SCM Studyguide: Church Leadership

Jon Coutts


Barcode: 9780334057789

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It is increasingly being acknowledged that current generation of church leaders are inundated with well-intentioned but nonetheless economically-defined leadership measures and strategies which threaten to corrupt the basic thrust of ministry and pervert the common life known as church. Reflecting theologically on the nature of leadership at the same time as considering the reality of its practicalities, this Study Guide seeks to call it back to theological essentials, locate it in the unique context of the Church, and then re-address modern pressures and needs from within a decidedly Christian framework. Resisting the urge to instruct with a more polemical voice, the book will encourage ordinands and trainee church leaders to reassess modern pressures and priorities and to re-orient creatively around the callings, giftings, and approaches that are suitable to Christ and particular to the Church.


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