Seasons of Sex and Intimacy

Emma Waring


Barcode: 9780993536670

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God created sex to deepen our marriages and enhance the connections with our partners. So why are Christians so reluctant to talk about it? And where do they go for the information they need, so they can have the sort of sex lives that God always intended?

In this book, professional sex therapist and Christian Emma Waring sets out to answer all the questions you have ever wanted to ask.

- What can you do if you haven't been able to have sex yet because one of you finds it too painful?
- What if the man is having trouble maintaining an erection?
- Are there answers and if so, what are they?

In this practical guide, Emma explores how our bodies are designed to respond sexually and what contributes to really close and satisfying sexual intimacy, before looking at the most common sexual problems, their diagnosis and how they can be treated.


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