Selling Water By The River Paperback Book

Shane Hipps


Barcode: 9781455528776

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What did Jesus mean when He said, 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you'? Many Christians think of Jesus as the Saviour whose resurrection promises fulfilment in the life to come. Others instead focus on Jesus' moral teachings and his commitment to achieving social justice in the present world. Both views are rooted in scripture, and neither is wrong. However, each speak only part of the truth of who Jesus is and in SELLING WATER BY THE RIVER, Shane Hipps underscores that Jesus is also, and most importantly, the Master of the inner life - the Teacher who reveals that the object of human beings' deepest longing dwells within each of us. This life-changing book isn't about 'religion' or 'spirituality'; it's about realising that what we search for already resides inside us and how the heaven we long for isn't just a gift when we die but a gift while we live. 224 pages


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