• Sharing the Easter Story
  • Sharing the Easter Story

Sharing the Easter Story

Sally Welch


Barcode: 9781800390980

Release date: 19/11/2021

£7.99 (was £8.99)
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In this year’s BRF Lent book Sally Welch explores two questions: What is the Easter story really about, and how do we share it?

Through each week of Lent, a different aspect of the Easter story is examined: repenting, changing, hoping, trusting, forgiving, loving and sacrificing. Within each week, the days are focused on what we need to do in order to share the story: listening, understanding, reflecting, living, telling, sharing and becoming.

Each day offers a Bible passage, followed by a reflection and prayer activity. Suggestions for group study and group study questions are also included.

'Sally Welch is an expert guide for the journey through Lent. Sharing the Easter Story is both clear and deep, challenging and refreshing, and Sally leads us back to the foundation of our faith to find fresh grace and hope in challenging times.' Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford

'With her gifts of attractive clarity, biblical insights and human warmth, Sally guides us through the wealth of themes connected with the Easter story. Those who read this book will find their imaginations stirred and their hearts renewed in resurrection hope.' Michael Mitton, author of Restoring the Woven Cord

'Imbued with biblical insight, this book delves into the basic human nature of our lives, the failings, the forgivings and the foibles of the way we are and the way we behave. Into the glorious muddle of our lives, we search for God and find God, revealed distinctively in the Easter story. We find God on a journey through repentance and restitution, forgiveness and faith, arriving at the Easter dawn with a renewed sense of our place in the world and the way in which we can and should relate to each other and to God. In Sally Welch we have a delightful, experienced pastoral guide who looks back at lockdowns and opens up new pastures of faith, hope and love as we journey on.' Gordon Giles, canon chancellor, Rochester Cathedral and author of At Home in Lent

'Sally has a wonderful gift of bringing the biblical text alive by connecting its stories and images to contemporary examples we are familiar with and perhaps experience ourselves. The result is fresh insight into God's great overarching story and an invitation to participate in it ourselves.' Elizabeth Hoare, director of spiritual formation and pastoral care, Wycliffe Hall

'In this both challenging and encouraging Lent book, Sally has woven a beautiful golden cord, binding together scriptural truth and wisdom, profound contemporary relevance and insightful personal experience. Written with warmth, love and understanding, this is a genuine treasure to accompany your Lenten journey and, indeed, for any time or season.' Margaret Silf, author of Lighted Windows


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