Step Back Hardback

Norman Drummond


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Why stepping back from life's busyness is essential to ensure you're living to the full, in work, at home and in everything else you do.

Modern life is frantically busy - we rush from one thing to another, never stopping to think about what really matters to us, what we could be achieving if we could only slow down for long enough to see it.

Norman Drummond draws on his wide experience as a headteacher, as a minister and as an internationally respected coach in life and business to bring home the fundamental lesson he has learned both for himself and for others: we can't hope to achieve our potential unless we take time out to work out what is most important to us.

Whether for a few minutes or for a few days, alone or with others - Drummond shows how easy and how effective stepping back can be. Most importantly, he focuses on the rich rewards of stepping back: clarity of thought, stronger objectives - and the ability to discern the true priorities of your own heart.

STEP BACK is an essential book for a culture that is unable to rest and relax.

352 pages


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