Stopping Words That Hurt Paperback Book

Artist: Michael Sedler


Barcode: 9780800795474

From the evening news and our favourite television shows to friends´?¢ Facebook statuses and office gossip, hardly a day goes by that we don´?¢t come into contact with negative language. The issue is not whether you can avoid hurtful words, but how you will respond to them. In Stopping Words That Hurt, communication expert Dr Michael Sedler offers groundbreaking, practical strategies for identifying, counteracting and responding graciously ´?¢ and lovingly ´?¢ to gossip, criticism and negative words. He will show you how to ´?¢ discern why people relay destructive gossip ´?¢ identify a negative conversation or hurtful language and counteract it ´?¢ find freedom and reconciliation with those who have spoken harm to you ´?¢ speak life-giving words, even when you don´?¢t want to Our words can profoundly hurt ´?¢ or heal. Silence in the face of negativity is not enough. Whether you are a parent, leader, teacher, spouse or friend, it´?¢s time for building one another up-and stopping words that hurt. 240 pages