Supernatural Experiences Paperback

Sid Roth


Barcode: 9780768432664

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Are you expecting a supernatural encounter with God that will positively change your life? If not, maybe you should be! "For over 35 years I have researched and examined the divine encounters of thousands of people and I can affirm without hesitation that supernatural experiences are real. God does interact with people today and He often does so in direct and even miraculous ways."-Sid Roth Can people today walk in the supernatural realm? Are miraculous encounters still possible in our day and age? Yes! And the evidence is overwhelming: supernatural experiences are just as real today as they were in the days of the first followers of the Messiah. Ten people from very different walks of life tell their real-life stories-their supernatural encounters with the living God that changed their lives completely. If it happened to them, it can happen to you! Their stories include: ÔùªHealed from a Brain-Dead Coma ÔùªTo Heaven and Back ÔùªA Hug from Jesus ÔùªFrom Hell to Heaven ÔùªAngels in the Night


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