Surviving Friendly Fire

Ron Dunn


Barcode: 9781619583146

Release date: 01/10/2020

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Our churches are full of hurting and wounded people. Tragically, many of them have been hurt not by enemies, but by friends and fellow believers. That’s “friendly” fire. Ron Dunn has been through it, and he shares ways to deal with friendly fire—without causing greater wounds in the process. Surviving Friendly Fire describes with compassion the various forms these attacks take, and offers a Christian perspective on why it happens. Ron discusses biblical ways of surviving—and recovering from—the inevitable, giving examples of friendly fire received by Abel, Joseph, Paul and others in the Bible. Ron assures us it is possible to get past the anger, bitterness and resentment caused by friendly fire, and even to learn to give thanks for it. Forgiveness, while an obligation for Christians, is neither easy nor cheap, but this book will help you learn to “get even” God’s way. This updated and expanded edition includes examples of how those on the receiving end of friendly fire were able to gain perspective and victory over bitterness.


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