The 40 Most Influential Christians Paperback Book

Daryl Aaron


Barcode: 9780764210846

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Learn From the Greatest Teachers and Thinkers in Christian History The Bible is the bedrock of Christian belief, yet how Christians think and talk about God, the Bible, and faith has been shaped by influential thinkers from the first century right up through the twentieth. In this book, Dr Daryl Aaron tells the powerful stories of forty who have helped us better understand what we believe and why we believe it. With insight ´?¢ and some surprises ´?¢Dr Aaron explores the lives and most important teachings of these giants of church history, from Justin Martyr and Augustine to Martin Luther, John Calvin, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and many others, underscoring how their teaching has influenced the church ´?¢ for better or, occasionally, for worse. Let your faith be strengthened as you encounter those who paved the way for us, often risking their lives for the sake of the very beliefs we hold today. 304 pages


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