The Art Of Mentoring Paperback Book

Darlene Zschech


Barcode: 9780764209352

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Tension between older and younger generations has always existed ´?¢ especially in the church. We have struggled with this for years, building up resentments and crippling those on both sides of the fight. We resist the thought that emerging and established leaders can, and must, work together. But these are critical days and the church needs large-hearted leadership willing to move beyond personal struggles and emotional triggers for the sake of others. It needs passionate, relational leaders, willing to mentor and be mentored, to give a thriving, living legacy to future generations. Can it be done? Absolutely ´?¢ and it can start with you. Join internationally-acclaimed leader Darlene Zschech for a journey into the heart of mentoring ´?¢ and see how intergenerational leadership radically impacts the kingdom in ways you could never do alone. 192 pages


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