The Bad Christian's Manifesto Hardback Book

Artist: Dave Tomlinson


Barcode: 9781444752250

£11.89 (was £13.99)
Spiritual intelligence - ´?¢how to live well and die happy´?¢ - from the author of How to be a bad Christian. Dave Tomlinson´?¢s book How to Be a Bad Christian was written for all those who want God without the guff - revealing that being a ´?¢bad´?¢ Christian is perfectly good enough, and that it´?¢s possible to ditch religion without losing the faith. The Bad Christian´?¢s Manifesto continues the conversation, unpacking what spiritual intelligence - from an unapologetically Christian viewpoint - might look like for all the self-confessed bad Christians of the world. Join Dave as he explores how to befriend your inner sceptic, make a virtue of pleasure and find heaven in the ordinary things of life. 240 pages