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The Bible For Everyone

John Goldingay & Tom Wright


Barcode: 9780281074013

Release date: 19/07/2018

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Just as no one person should be excluded from faith, so should the Bible also be wide enough to reach every kind of individual there is. The Bible for Everyone is a translation with that very mission.

Reliably translated by Tom Wright and John Goldingay, it reads smoothly and is presented in smaller sections that fit into even the busiest of lives. But it goes beyond mere simplicity and ease. The Bible For Everyone isn’t about making a Bible that can be read with little difficulty, it is about translating the Bible for today. `Translating [the bible],’ Tom Wright recognises, ‘is something that each generation ought to be doing. Just as Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread, we can never simply live on yesterday's bread, on the interpretations and translations of previous generations.'

Together with John Goldingay, he has drawn up years of study to create the ‘For Everyone’ series of commentaries. Book by book, the pair make reading the Bible with remarkable depth and insight something within the grasp of any believer. And The Bible For Everyone is the culmination of that project.

Each book has been revised and supplemented since their first appearance in the study series. Also included are introductions, maps and glossaries of key-words. Whether read cover-to-cover like a novel, closely examined in study, daily digested as a devotional or turned to in quick reference, The Bible For Everyone relates to life in all its stages and turns.

It’s the The Bible For Everyone; it’s the Bible for you.


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