The Big Book Of Hormones Paperback

Artist: Various Authors


Barcode: 9781629982076

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Women want to look younger and live longer, have more vibrant and balanced lives all while making ´?¢it´?¢ happen like superwoman. Using the wealth of resources from Siloam´?¢s most popular health writers, including Janet Maccaro, Don Colbert, Reginald Cherry, Cherie Calbom and Scott Farhart, The Big Book of Hormones gives readers a comprehensive book on women´?¢s hormone health that covers topics such as anti-ageing, weight loss, natural health (supplements, vitamins, superfoods, smoothies and juices), stress management and more. Women will learn: ´?¢ How to identify hormone imbalances ´?¢ When to go to the doctor ´?¢ The best protocols for restoration, weight loss, sleep, memory recall, regulating mood swings and preventing other diseases related to hormone depletion such as heart disease, osteoporosis, certain cancers and more. 256 pages


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