The Calloused Soul Paperback Book

Evelyn Watkins


Barcode: 9780768403534

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Carve Away the Hard Places of Your Heart and Experience Wholeness! Pain is a part of life. When dealing with a difficult situation or event, our bodies both physically and emotionally develop callouses to instinctively shield us from further hurt or injury. While this may be necessary and even helpful for a season, there comes a time when these callouses, which once protected us, become a hindrance to experiencing the abundant life, love and relationships we were destined to enjoy. In this book, you will discover: ´?¢ Resilience is your key to overcoming ´?¢ Your deepest wounds become defining moments and life messages ´?¢ Forgiveness is your life´?¢s turning point ´?¢ Practical tools to carve away the hard places of your heart ´?¢ You can receive love again Get ready to smooth out the hard places of your soul, receive healing for the past and enjoy love and the life the way God originally intended for you ´?¢ with an open, uncalloused heart!


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