The Christian's True Identity

Jonathan Landry Cruse


Barcode: 9781601787255

Release date: 30/10/2019

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Who are you? What makes you ÒyouÓ? With its identity politics, numerous gender identity options, Òselfies,Ó and Òyou-do-youÓ mentality, society emphasizes individualism, but it seems like people are having a harder time than ever figuring out who they are. The problem is, they are looking for their identity in the wrong places. Are you seeking your identity in relationships, a career, family, race, gender expression, or other circumstancesÑand feeling dissatisfied? Then this book is for you. Author Jonathan Landry Cruse offers a fresh, sometimes witty, truly radical, freeing answer to the important question of who you are and helps you understand what the Bible has to say about everything you need for a lasting, fulfilling identity that is found outside of you and in Christ.ÒReading Jonathan CruseÕs volume on The ChristianÕs True Identity is like enjoying a finely crafted meal; the various ingredients are so properly proportioned to one another that one hardly notices the numerous details because they are so harmoniously blended. There is not only a surprising amount of truth in this slender volume, but there is an enormous amount of important, Christ-centered truth, an enormous amount of gospel, presented in a manner that is responsive to twenty-first-century concerns without being swallowed by them. Readers will be saddened when they arrive at the end of this pithy volume.ÓÑT. David Gordon, professor of religion and Greek, Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania


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