The Dark Side Of The Supernatural Paperback

Brynne Larson


Barcode: 9780768407082

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Your Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Unseen World of the Paranormal The supernatural world is all around us. You can´?¢t turn on the TV, watch a movie, or browse a bookstore without being exposed to its influence upon culture today. Since The Exorcist, movies about demon possession have increased in quantity and gore. Witchcraft invades literature, coming packaged in stories directed towards chil- dren. Zombies, ghosts, vampires, and aliens are regular characters featured everywhere from TV dramas to History Channel specials. Some mock the supernatural. Some preach against it. Some act like it doesn´?¢t even exist. Brynne Larson may look like a normal girl ´?¢ except her version of normal involves exorcism of demons and teaching people around the world that the paranormal is very real. Get ready to: ´?¢ Learn how the supernatural impacts your everyday life... from someone with practical experience with the unseen realm ´?¢ Hear powerful stories of people who were terrorised by paranormal activity... and be inspired by their journeys to freedom ´?¢ Receive help and healing... if you are a victim of the dark side of the supernatural You were created to experience the supernatural. The secret is learning how to avoid the dark side. 192 pages


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