The Fat Of The Land Paperback Book

Chris Grummitt


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The perfect title for the New Year dieter! ´?¢Spiritual contentment must always be more important than physical appearance and this book offers some antidotes to the poison of obsession with physical appearance.´?¢ Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe MP Diet and healthy eating are hot topics in the Western world as society is increasingly ravaged by the two extremes of, at one end, obesity, and at the other anorexia and the size zero mentality. In the past year, US Scientists have concluded that dieting is pointless, perhaps even dangerous, and British scientists have discovered the ´?¢fat´?¢ gene which in 16% of the population can increase the chances of becoming obese by 70%. In this unique book, part testimony and part textbook, former research scientist Chris Grummit describes how, in his 60th year, God transformed his mind, attitudes and understanding, enabling him to lose many pounds in weight and radically improve his overall health ´?¢ all without enduring a painful and artificial ´?¢diet´?¢. 192 pages


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