The Feeler

James W. Goll


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The Scriptures give us a full-colour picture of a God who is moved by emotions such as yearning, love, and compassion. Our human emotions reflect the emotional qualities of our Creator, who made us in His own image. Feelings have a vital place in any believer's life, not just in those who have a more sensitive nature due to their personalities. The Feeler by James W. Goll delivers a remarkable biblical perspective on our emotions and how they help us to discern and act on God's voice. We experience the love, joy, and presence of God with our feelings. Our emotions have an impact on our bodies, our level of holiness, our relationships, and our decisions. The Bible tells us we need to have our 'senses trained to discern good and evil' (Hebrews 5:14 NASB). What are we training? Both our natural senses and our spiritual senses. Our physical senses, with the addition of 'knowing,' correspond to our spiritual senses in these ways: . Eyes (sight): visions and dreams . Ears (hearing): voices and sounds . Heart (touch): emotions and feelings . Tongue (taste): good and evil . Nose (smell): good and bad . Mind (knowing): divine thoughts and impressions This book will show you how to listen for and recognize the often subtle ways God's Spirit speaks to believers, as well as how to discern good and evil spirits. With consecrated gifts and senses, you can reach out to the body of Christ and to the world at large in both spiritual and practical ways, making you much better equipped to fulfill your role as an ambassador of the gospel.


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