The Forgotten Palace

Luke Aylen


Barcode: 9781782642794

Release date: 22/03/2019

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Antimony 'the tall dwarf' finds the broken shards of a magic mirror. Within the shards he glimpses the ruins of a palace and sees a vision of it restored. He gathers the shards up and lovingly restores the mirror. Returning to admire the mirror, he finds a stranger who shows Antimony a fuller version of his vision in the mirror. Excited, Antimony rushes to show others and he explains to the dwarf high council that he believes they must restore the palace. Unfortunately, the builders are noticed by the local ruler, 'the Usurper'. He resents the idea of the king returning so sends his troops in the night to destroy much of the building work. The builders are demoralised and Antimony runs away from his quest. Heading back to the mirror, he once again meets the mysterious stranger, who helps him understand his true identity and gives him hope and self-esteem. An inspiring story that will thrill and entertain.


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