The Good Life In The Last Days

Mike Lynch


Barcode: 9781925424256

Release date: 01/06/2018

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How should we live as we await Christ’s return? How do we work out what asacrificial life looks like in the details of making decisions about our lives?Do you feel the tension between living the good life and dying to self?You know Jesus calls you to take up your cross and follow him, sacrificingyourself to serve in his vital gospel mission.But you also know the heart of the gospel message is grace andfreedom, and enjoying God’s abundant generosity.Quite possibly you also know the horror stories of some burned outChris6ans, as well as the frustra6ng stories of those who just don’t seem atall ‘switched on’ to the mission.In The Good Life in the Last Days Mikey Lynch helps you:• zoom in and take a close look at the hard sayings of Jesus andthe apostles;• zoom out to look at the full counsel of God; and• discover a joyful wisdom (beyond simplis6c clichés)that shows you how to live the good life in the last days.


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