The ISIS Crisis Paperback

Mark Tobey


Barcode: 9780802413185

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ISIS ´?¢ a name that inspires fear, a group that is gaining momentum. Horrors unheard of are plaguing the Middle East, and ISIS may be the responsible for the worst among them. And yet there is so much we don´?¢t know about ISIS. ´?¢ Where did ISIS come from? ´?¢ How is ISIS distinguished from other terrorist groups? ´?¢ Could ISIS play a role in the end times? ´?¢ What does ISIS mean for Israel? ´?¢ What impact could these events have on the United States? ´?¢ How should believers respond? In The ISIS Crisis, authors Charles Dyer and Mark Tobey answer these questions and more. Drawing from history, current events and biblical prophecy, they guide readers through the matrix of conflicts in the Middle East. Then they explore the role of ISIS in all of these matters. Finally, they encourage Christians to look to Jesus, the Prince of Peace. 144 pages


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