The Kingdom At War Paperback Book

Alan Vincent


Barcode: 9780768440669

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From India to England and across the United States, The Kingdom at War takes an exciting, comprehensive, and prophetic view of the structure and power of today's church. In this expertly crafted teaching, you learn how the church - and you-have been given authority to overcome the enemy and see the establishment of the Kingdom of God in these last days. "It was during a long fast that I first began to see that building the heavenly City of Jerusalem spiritually over a region or a particular physical city on earth was the means that God had given for powerfully advancing the Kingdom of God," writes the author whose life of prophecy and revelation has brought many to a deeper and more exciting relationship with God. Revolutionary concepts thoroughly explored include: - How sickness and disease are linked to demonic activity - Building the heavenly City of Jerusalem - Waging war against the "foul spirit" of cancer - Seven gates that control how people think - Certain numbers in Scripture that have allegorical or prophetic meaning 'The Kingdom at War' lifts your vision into the heavenly realm battleground and declares that you will overcome all that stands in your way of becoming victorious as you gain a comprehensive picture of the glorious destiny God designed for you.


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