The London House

Katherine Reay


Barcode: 9780785290209

Release date: 20/01/2022

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An uncovered family secret sets one woman on the journey of a lifetime through the history of Britains WWII spy network and glamorous 1930s Paris in an effort to understand her past, save her family, and claim her future. One call could bring ruin to her family name. Caroline Payne thinks it is just another day at work when she receives a call from Mat Hammon, a doctoral candidate, who has uncovered a dark and scandalous family secret: her British great-aunt defected to the Nazis to marry her German lover. The letters tell a different story. In search of answers, Caroline flies to London to search her grandmothers diaries and her aunts letters. In them she discovers the “Waite girls” and a time of peace and luxury in the interwar years that is beyond anything she ever imagined. But the buoyant tone quickly changes as the sisters grow older, fall in love with the same man, and one leaves home to join the glamourous art scene of 1930s Paris—all amid the rumblings of war. But history wont let its secrets go so easily. The more Caroline learns, the more questions she has. Together Caroline and Mat work to dig out answers, uncovering stories of spies and love, of family rifts, and of one fateful evening in 1941. Will the truth they uncover heal the decades-old family wounds, or will they tear the family even further apart?


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