The Name Paperback Book

Artist: Stuart Bell


Barcode: 9781908393104

Throughout the Bible we read that there are many different names attributed to God. Each describes a different aspect of His character and reveals - in as much as it is possible for humanity to understand the divine - something about His nature and the way in which He desires to interact with us. Above all, the names of God show us that there is an aspect of God that meets our needs in every area of our lives. When we call for help, God has an answer - and that answer is Himself. If we are troubled and stressed out by life, He is our Peace. If we are embattled and oppressed, He is our Banner - the one who not only watches over us, but actively goes into battle on our behalf. Stuart Bell takes us on a journey through these and a number of God's other Scriptural names, allowing the truths contained within them to reveal all that God desires to be and do for us in this season. 160 Pages