The New Lady In Waiting Paperback Book

Jackie Kendall


Barcode: 9780768403978

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In a world consumed with quick-fixes, superficial romances and ´?¢hookup´?¢ relationships, maybe you´?¢re asking ´?¢What´?¢s the benefit to actually waiting for God´?¢s best? Is there a perfect plan for my future ´?¢ or is it just a fairy tale? Should I just settle like everyone else?´?¢ With all-new insights from Jackie Kendall, a new generation will answer these questions and discover what made Lady in Waiting a life-changing encouragement to over half a million readers worldwide. You will learn to: ´?¢ Step into your royal identity as a daughter of the King and experience contentment, security and patience in your life ´?¢ Protect your purity as you see how God sees you ´?¢ Valued, beautiful and one-of-a-kind ´?¢ Take advantage of the waiting process and use it to become a woman of devotion, faith, and conviction ´?¢ Refuse to settle for anything or anyone less than God´?¢s best for your life Enjoy the wait, embrace the journey and experience the extraordinary power of being a Lady in Waiting! 240 pages


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