The Paranormal Conspiracy Paperback

Timothy Dailey


Barcode: 9780800797768

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The dangerous deception behind paranormal phenomena today. Until recent years, the Bible stood as the spiritual benchmark for Western belief and behaviour. Zombies, vampires and other dark creatures were reserved for far-flung horror stories. Ghosts, hauntings, UFO sightings and alien abductions were rare tales from the fringes. No more. The doors to paranormal spiritual powers have been thrown wide open. In this eye-popping biblical analysis of current occult phenomena, Dr Dailey exposes the hidden demonic agenda embedded in much of today´?¢s culture and entertainment. More than that, he shows how this dominating paranormal worldview taps into our souls´?¢ deepest spiritual longings and slyly offers up counterfeit spirituality that will not fulfill but kill. Through it all, Dailey points readers to the one Source of spiritual connection and power that can truly satisfy our souls. 208 pages


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