The Peace Project

Artist: Hillsong Chrismas Music


Barcode: 9320428329639

Release date: 20/10/2017

£8.99 (was £9.99)
One thing we all want at Christmas, but rarely get, is peace. The Peace Project is a worshipful response to festive busyness, and serves as a reminder of just why God sent Jesus to earth. On this melodic new release from Hillsong Worship you'll find a mix of classic carols and stirring new songs that all celebrate the Prince of Peace. From Joy To The World to O Holy Night, these songs are here to give you space to worship, to reflect, and to find the peace that comes from God. The new songs on the album, written by the talented group at Hillsong Worship all celebrate different parts of the Christmas story, and are sure to become firm favourites for many Christmases to come. As either a gift for yourself, or to bless a stressed loved one, The Peace Project is the perfect soundtrack to this Christmas season. A way to celebrate not only Christ's coming, but all that He did through it.

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