The Perfect Stranger Trilogy



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This triple feature includes The Perfect Stranger, Another Perfect Stranger, and Nikki and the Perfect Stranger.

The Perfect Stranger
Despite her successful career as an attorney, Nikki Cominsky's life is far from perfect. When she receives a mysterious invitation to "dinner with Jesus of Nazareth," she accepts, thinking it's an intriguing prank. What ensues is a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation - with an unforgettable man! Will her life be changed forever? From the book by David Gregory. Approx. 105 minutes.

Another Perfect Stranger
How would you react if your mom told you she had dined with the Almighty? Probably with disbelief - just like Sarah Cominsky after her mother, Nikki, reveals she spent an evening with Jesus. Traveling to college, Sarah strikes up a friendship with someone who shares her disdain for religion. Listen to their conversation - and be challenged and renewed! Another Perfect Stranger is the sequel to The Perfect Stranger (a film based on David Gregory's Dinner with a Perfect Stranger). Closed captions. Approx. 96 minutes.

Nikki and the Perfect Stranger
After lawyer Nikki Cominsky experienced a face-to-face encounter with Jesus ten years ago, she lived a joyful Christian life. Now she's burned out. As she wails to God during an interstate trip, she runs out of gas - and discovers Jesus by the roadside holding a gas can! Will Jesus' answers to her questions refuel her faith? Dove approved. Approx. 63 minutes.


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