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The Power Of One Paperback

Tim Roberts


Barcode: 9781908393500

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All over the world and all around this country a new spirit of unity is breaking out across the Church of Christ. Something very significant has been happening under the radar and hidden away. God has been doing a work behind the scenes in villages, towns and cities across the nation. This is not manufactured, copied, hyped or simply the latest fashionable thing to do. It is a work of the Spirit because it cuts against human nature and challenges our need often to be independent, selfish and insular. From this platform of a growing unity, people are beginning to lift up their eyes towards a greater vision of prayer and working for the transformation of their town or city; to believe that in two or three decades the place they live in could be substantially improved, culturally, socially and spiritually. This book fundamentally challenges a self-centered approach to ministry and inspires us to worship God in expressing one of his most beautiful characteristics. When the beauty of unity is seen then the world will know that Christ is Lord. Join in the adventure! 160 pages


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