The Power Of The Cross Paperback Book

Mahesh Chavda


Barcode: 9780768432466

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The cross of Jesus is the epicenter of God's glory for His creation. What happened when God reconciled the world to Himself through Christ is a spectacle of ever-unfolding majesty. Simple enough for a child to fully experience, the cross is a demonstration of God's perfection and your key to inner harmony. Every effect has a cause, and every cause an effect. The cross changes everything. It is not a past-tense event. The moment Jesus uttered, 'It is finished,' a supernatural storehouse became the possession of all who find their place beneath its shadow. The cross is your history made and yet to be discovered. Through 'The Power of the Cross' Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda invite you to enter a new personal encounter with the Presence of God. Come receive His transforming glory for manifest miracles in your life and begin to transmit that energy to others. 200 Pages.


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