The Prophetic Promise Of The Seventh Day Paperback Book

Bruce Allen


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The Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day is a challenge to all who are serious in their pursuit of excellence in the Kingdom of God. This is a clarion call for all to prepare the way of the Lord. The prophetic promise of this seventh day for the Church is unprecedented in scope and will be unheralded in magnitude. If you hear what the Lord is saying in this season through this book, you will be challenged, encouraged and will arise to your full potential. Using prophetic revelation, author Bruce Allen presents a compelling vision of a new season in the Body of Christ ´?¢ when every promise of God will be fulfilled. Various meanings of the ´?¢Seventh Day´?¢ are discussed. The author aptly argues that this seventh millennium of recorded history should be prophetically likened unto the Sabbath day of rest. While anticipating the Lord´?¢s soon return, The Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day does not prophesy a doomsday scenario, but instead inspires hope and builds an expectation for glorifying Jesus in all you do and say ´?¢ and for operating powerfully in the supernatural realm. 222 pages


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