The Sequence to Success

Samuel R. Chand

Hard Cover

Barcode: 9781641233934

Release date: 10/03/2020

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Every one of us gets anywhere in life due to three things: someone observes us, forms an opinion about us, and decides to give us an opportunityÉor not. Likewise, we do the same thing with others. People have played this essential role in our lives, and we play it in the lives of those around usÑand no matter how skilled weÕve become, we can play it even better. The sequence applies in business, the church, marriages, parenting, and friendships. We often assess others in the blink of an eye. We instinctively notice the look on someoneÕs face, the tone of voice, or the body language thatÕs consistent or different from the words being spoken. We react to our observation, but we seldom stop to analyze before we respondÑit just happens, and it happens immediately: we observe and have an opinion, and based on what weÕve determined in that second, we either give the person an opportunity to engage with us or we close the door and remain guarded. The Sequence to Success: The Three OÕs That Will Take You Anywhere in Life is a leadership book, but itÕs not limited to corporate presidents, CEOs, and lead pastors; itÕs for everyone who has a position of influence in another personÕs lifeÑand that includes all of us. In this book, Sam Chand brings our subconscious assumptions into the light. With more insight and confidence, youÕll make better decisions to advance the people around youÉor perhaps show them the door. The principles also help you become more conscious that people are observing you and forming opinions about you that will open or close doors of opportunity.


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