The Supra-Natural Hope Paperback Book

Christen Forster


Barcode: 9781908393357

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We all have dreams. We're supposed to. They can unlock the motivations in life to propel us forward. But often our dreams are unrealistic or misguided, leading to disappointment and discouragement. There is an alternative... The Father has a plan for your life; one that confirms the value He has placed on you. He calls you. Not because He needs servants, but because He has sons and daughters and wants to see them reach their potential. The Supra-Natural Hope is about discovering the story already being written in you and seeing how it can grow forward. 'Christen Forster does an outstanding job of explaining the difference between our identity and our calling; between Gods plan for our life and our part in that plan. I strongly encourage you to read this!' Ch' Ahn 'There are very few books on Identity and Significance that call one into life, freedom and opportunity, more often than not striving into striving and self-help... Christen gives us several keys as we find our way through life's difficult challenges. This transparent and well-written work cannot but help you take huge steps upward and onward to greater comprehension of identity, purpose and hope.' John Arnott, Catch The Fire Ministries, Toronto 168 pages


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