The Universal Story

Dru Johnson


Barcode: 9781683590712

Release date: 07/03/2018

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The opening chapters of Genesis tell us the story of how humans relate to our worldÑand to God.Genesis 1-11 is a parade of stories of humanity intertwined with the most intriguing subjects we still wrestle with today: the beginning of the cosmos, the nature of humanity, family, sex, deceit, death, murder, mass murder, ecology, agriculture, urbanization, and more.In The Universal Story, Dru Johnson shows how Genesis 1Ð11 is written in a way that informs the rest of biblical historyÑincluding the exodus, the kings of Israel, the exile, the Gospels, and early church. Genesis 1Ð11 presents a story of humanity that seeks to explain the background of every human endeavor. It is the universal storyÑthe story of storiesÑbecause it is a story about how all of these things came to be the way the Hebrews understood them to be. These bizarre and ancient stories frame the story of God and His plan for earth and humanity. Through these stories, God speaks and pleads with us. Let us learn how to listen and hear GodÕs voice well in Genesis 1Ð11 and throughout the rest of Scripture.


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