The Winding Path of Transformation

Jeff Tacklind


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Jeff Tacklind, pastor of Church by the SeaÑa quirky, diverse congregation in Laguna Beach, CaliforniaÑknows from decades of ministry experience that sometimes effective leadership looks like standing in the middle of conflict, holding the tension.In The Winding Path of Transformation, Tacklind describes spiritual transformation as an invitation to paradox. By entering into suffering, he says, we find joy. By embracing the downward path of humility, we find glory. And by remaining small, sometimes we grow to great heights.Any leaders who have wondered if God really called them to lead a congregation will resonate with Tacklind's vulnerability in this honest and meditative account. So will readers who have found their own spiritual journey to be winding and halting rather than a constant ascent of growth. Tacklind draws from the natural worldÑtrees, waves, mountains, and canyonsÑto bring to life the lessons that he has picked up along the way. C. S. Lewis, Henri Nouwen, S¿ren Kierkegaard and others all serve as guides who light the way on the winding path of following God.


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