The Wisdom House Paperback

Artist: Rob Parsons


Barcode: 9781444745672

Rob Parsons, now a grandfather himself, shares some of the wisdom he´?¢s picked up down the years, from his own experiences and that of others he´?¢s met. ´?¢When an old person dies, a library is lost.´?¢ But what if life didn´?¢t have to be like that? What if we could learn from other people´?¢s experiences, rather than starting from scratch every time? After the birth of his fourth grandchild, Rob Parsons decided to write letters to each of his grandchildren, sharing his wisdom for when they are grown. So whatever age you are, why not share in some of those lessons, both from his own experience and from many other people he´?¢s met as he´?¢s travelled. Lessons about success and failure, love and betrayal, work and stress, faith and doubt - and a hundred other issues. Because you don´?¢t always have to learn the hard way. Welcome to the Wisdom House - come inside. 240 pages