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Three Christmas Classics -- on one DVD!

Christmas Is -- An animated classic about Benji, a disappointed little boy who must play the second shepherd in the school play -- again. Disappointment turns to joy when a daydream transports him and his lovable pooch, Waldo, back to the first Christmas. There the second shepherd shares with them the angels' message -- that Jesus is born in Bethlehem! (22 minutes)

The City That Forgot About Christmas -- The story of a woodcarver who lived in a village that had forgotten about Christmas. When he taught the children of the town about the birth of Jesus, the uncaring village was filled with the joy of Christ. This animated favorite features the voices of Sebastian Cabot, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Louis Nye. (22 minutes)

The Stableboy's Christmas -- This award-winning dramatic special finds 10-year-old Tammy traveling back in time to the first Christmas in Bethlehem and witnessing the little stableboy's act of unselfish love when he gives the Christ child his pet lamb. Tammy then realizes how sharing presents with others is a way of sharing God's love at Christmas. (27 minutes)

DVD Features:

Languages:-English and Spanish tracks available for all three programs

Subtitles:-English subtitles available

Viewing Format: Fullscreen

Running time 1 hour 12 minutes

Region 0


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