Trinitarian Dogmatics

Butner Jr. & D. Glenn


Barcode: 9781540962232

Release Date: 13/09/2022

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This introduction draws on the breadth of the Christian tradition to present a biblically grounded, globally informed, and conceptually precise account of the doctrine of the Trinity.

Trinitarian Dogmatics analyzes eight trinitarian doctrines, systematically exploring key themes and concepts that constitute trinitarian discourse. Offering an alternative to introductory texts on the Trinity that are arranged historically/chronologically, this book proceeds locus by locus, offering chapters dedicated to doctrines like divine simplicity, perichoresis, and the inseparable operations--doctrines that are fundamental to a robust understanding of the Trinity but are often treated only briefly in other survey works. Butner's account of the Trinity is consciously orthodox in its aspirations, following historic creeds and confessions in defending doctrines like eternal generation and divine simplicity that have often fallen out of favor in much modern theology. Yet it is also ecumenically orthodox, intentionally drawing on Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions while referencing other groups falling beyond those categories.

Trinitarian Dogmatics incorporates majority world theology, engages important debates in contemporary biblical studies, and draws on neglected historical figures. It also contains a glossary of trinitarian terms and annotated bibliographies of major works on the doctrine of God, making it suitable for students in courses on the doctrine of God and the Trinity as well as scholars working in those areas.


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