Truth Matters

Andrew Petiprin


Barcode: 9781945270932

Release date: 01/11/2018

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Does truth matter? Andrew Petiprin argues that Truth (with a capital T) not only matters, butgrounding your life on the ancient truths of the Bible is the way to a better life. Discovering thetrue answers to the age-old questions, “Who is God?” and “Who am I?” will help us flourish.These questions are always connected to our beliefs—what we put our faith in. True faith isnot a vague belief in a higher power. It is faith in the God who has revealed himself in specificways in the Bible as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The life of Christ is there. The Church is there.Forgiveness is there. Resurrection, eternal life, and everything else is there. Truth Matterschampions the authentic teachings of the Christian faith as the best means of human flourishing.Along the way, readers will learn how doctrine was debated and decided. Doctrine develops,but Truth never changes. The purpose of doctrine is to make Truth clearer than before, becauseour lives depend on it. Orthodox Christian doctrine simply paves the way for a better life (bothnow and forever) than any alternative. It is the only balm for our wounds during inevitable timesof distress, and it is also the joy of our hearts in times of blessing. It keeps us from thinking toohighly of ourselves by instilling in us an infinite worth given by an all-loving God. It reminds usthat there is a place to turn when we fall short. Christian doctrine points us to Christ, who is theonly rock on which we can safely build our lives.


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