Unanswered - Personal Bible Study Book

Jeremiah Johnston


Barcode: 9781535977258

Release date: 01/01/2020

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Unanswered Personal Bible Study Book includes an individual study opportunities for each day of the week and applicable Scripture. We live in a radically skeptical age. Tough questions are being asked about Christianity. And most believers are ill-equipped to provide the answers our culture and communities desperately need. Many in today’s church do not know the Bible as well as they should and they struggle with their own “big questions” about the faith. This study provides precisely what the church needs today: tools and answers! It addresses several challenging topics, including mental health and suicide, paranormal activity, the resurrection, how we got the Bible, suffering, and why God is sometimes silent. The study will show you how to answer, how to explain, and how to respond in a deeply winsome and attractive way, as a thoughtful ambassador of Jesus. You will leave this study enriched, characterized by a thinking faith, capable to communicate confidently, and committed to escape the tendency to offer trite answers to a skeptical world. Features: • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content • Individual study opportunities for continued growth Benefits: • Empower yourself with tools and answers to difficult questions to explain your faith. • Equip Christians to become thinkers and engage thinkers to become Christian. • Learn how to answer commonly asked questions with confidence. • Break through to a new level of understanding of your faith. • Learn how to engage with nonbelievers and be able to explain what you believe. • Gain greater clarity about topics including paranormal activity, mental health and suicide, the resurrection, how we got the Bible, suffering, and why God is sometimes silent. • Establish a hermeneutic for believers to answer questions beyond what is included Author: Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston (Ph.D., M.A., M.Div., B.A) is a New Testament scholar, apologist, and regular speaker on university campuses, churches, and popular venues. He serves as associate professor of early Christianity at Houston Baptist University and is also founder of the Christian Thinkers Society. His passion is equipping Christians to give intellectually informed accounts of what they believe in the public sphere and what impact those answers make on the betterment of society.


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